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September 2, 2016

Algonquin Lofts


(North Bay, ON) – Fresh off the heels of the Baylor Focus Firm Project's community presentation of key findings, local housing provider Malmac Properties' most recent downtown revitalization project marks the first of what will hopefully be many changes within the community.

With an identified shortage of quality rental accommodations in North Bay, well maintained apartments are hard to come by, especially those with modern features and urban aesthetics commonly associated with big city living. With the City's new blueprint to "Talk – Retain – Sell – Develop", a key factor for attracting new businesses is to ensure the availability of appropriate residential accommodations and business rental space.

This revitalization project, located in the City's downtown business district, goes a long way to helping invigorate the city's core. This new residential address is making Downtown North Bay more than just a destination to visit, it is integrating downtown into a place to work, live and play.

When asked what makes the Algonquin Lofts different, President of Malmac Properties, Ian Macpherson, says, "North Bay has not seen rental suites like these before. The property offers a unique combination of convenient downtown location and premium amenities." Urban inspired, the Algonquin Lofts feature 10 ½ foot exposed concrete ceilings with concrete beams, beautifully clad concrete columns, air conditioning, 2 bathrooms, in suite laundry and very chic, industrial flavoured interiors that were designed by Paisley Park.

Remodel plans, with a local economic impact of over $1 million, began in 2014. Originally an office building, the downtown address transitioned to student rentals in 2004, which, in recent years, have been under-utilized. Upon completion of the remodel, slated for December 2016, Malmac Properties will have available 10 luxurious, code-compliant residential suites as well as 2 commercial suites, right in the Downtown community.

Jeff Serran, Executive Director of the DIA notes that, "The fact that we see community business leaders and developers have the confidence to invest in our city – specifically the downtown core – shows the dedication and initiative required to make our city grow. The Algonquin Lofts will allow our citizens the ability to live, work and play in the heart of North Bay." 

With galleries, culture and related events, unique stores, essential services, and diverse restaurants, Downtown North Bay has it all and offers a lifestyle that differs from any other part of the city. So many amenities within walking distance of a couple city blocks makes living downtown enjoyable, convenient and healthy.

You literally CAN do it all, downtown.