Suite Features

A variety of suite features are included with many of the Malmac Properties apartments.


Store purchased "Fire Logs" are recommended for burning in the fireplaces rather than wood.

To avoid smoke entering your apartment, be sure the damper is in the full open position when starting a fire.  If you have any questions about the operation of the fireplace, please contact the office or maintenance department.


  • Please do NOT place carpeting or mats on your balcony.  The moisture these coverings retain in the humid and damp weather may cause extensive damage that you, the tenant would be responsible for having repaired at your own expense.
  • Do not store wood on your balconies.
  • Planters are not to be hung from the balcony railings.
  • No garbage is to be left on the balconies.
  • No storage boxes are to be left on the balconies.
  • The balconies are not to be used as pet washrooms.
  • No satellite dishes are to be attached to the balconies.


18" Dishwasher "Proper Use & Care" Guide


Quartz Counter Tops

Please do not allow harsh chemicals to come into contact with your suite's quartz countertop as the finish could be irreparably damaged.  Only use a mild dish detergent and water, or a cleaner designed for quartz counter tops for cleaning purposes.