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June 2, 2021

New Lighting Upgrade

Early this year, we were able to finish up our indoor lighting upgrade in the common areas at our buildings on Wickstead Avenue and Lavase road. We decided to switch to an upscale LED program, which features motion sensors that automatically dim the lighting when no one is present in the common areas. These lights create a warm light, providing a cozy atmosphere. We have been very pleased with this style of light since we started using them in our Algonquin Lofts.

In addition to looking great, they help continue our efforts to be more environmentally conscious. They use up to 75% less energy due to their low wattage, and as the bulbs 3 – 25 times longer, produce less waste.

We have also been working on upgrading our outdoor lighting to new, modern style lighting featuring LED bulbs. These lights use controlled lighting photocell technology to save even more electricity. Not only do these lighting choices help conserve energy and reduce waste, the lights we have chosen are Dark Sky friendly, pointing the light where it is needed to create a bright and safe environment, without sending unnecessary light upwards and creating light pollution.